Купить Джемпер MAZINE Bore Pocket Light Sweater (Stripy-12766, XL)

Джемпер MAZINE Bore Pocket Light Sweater (Stripy-12766, XL)

848 Руб.

Figured Tapestry

12296 Руб.

Figured Tapestry

7515 Руб.

Formal Jewelry

1079 Руб.

Fashion Jewelry

2279 Руб.

Super Simple Jewelry

959 Руб.

Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry

1919 Руб.

Jewelry For All Seasons

1799 Руб.

Supply Chain for Asian Vegetable Retailers: A Case Study of Michigan

4631 Руб.

Брелок MISHKA Pray For Death Key Chain (Red)

90 Руб.

Chain Mail Jewelry

1919 Руб.

Cords & Bling Jewelry

1079 Руб.

Models for a Class of Sustainable Supply Chain Routing Problems

7204 Руб.

Modeling and Analysis for Supply-Chain Network in Web-GIS Environment

3274 Руб.

Pocket PC For Dummies®

1966 Руб.

Pocket PCs For Dummies®

2025 Руб.

Mathematical Models for Supply Chain Inventory Coordination

4468 Руб.

A Pocket for Corduroy

1767 Руб.

A Pocket for Corduroy

939 Руб.

Optimization Techniques for Production and Distribution Supply Chain

6201 Руб.

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Spanish for Health Care Professionals

1139 Руб.

Anyone but Ivy Pocket

683 Руб.

Supply Chain Risk Mangement in Ammonia Refurbishment Projects

4468 Руб.

Supply Chain strategy Alignment and Manufacturing performance

6201 Руб.

Markov Chain Based Algorithms for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem

9441 Руб.

Supply Chain Management and Competitiveness

4631 Руб.

Value Chain Analysis of Mandarin

4631 Руб.

Wnw Pocket Internet Dir/dict Ppk24 Double Display For Egghea

9487 Руб.

Longman Pocket Phrasal Verbs Dictionary: For Intermediate-Advanced Learners

1019 Руб.

Supply Chain Strategies, Technology And Performance

7551 Руб.

Value Chain Analysis of Honey Production

5380 Руб.

Supply Chain Managemet

6374 Руб.

Supply chain management practices on competitive position

4338 Руб.

Integration of Supply Chain Elements and Performance Measurement

7204 Руб.

Strategies for Production of Single Chain Antibody Fragment in E. coli

4550 Руб.

Mechanisms for aligning decisions and incentives in a supply chain

8968 Руб.

Marketing improvements in the supply chain for domestic produce

4631 Руб.

Supply Chain Strategies for AgriBusiness

7204 Руб.

Potato Value Chain Analysis: Implications For Employment Generation

4716 Руб.

Supply Chain Management

7204 Руб.


5576 Руб.

Markov Chain for An Indicator Passing Through Cardio-Vascular System

4468 Руб.

Collaborative Supply Chain Practice and Customer Service

4468 Руб.

iPhone 4S For Dummies, Pocket Edition

516 Руб.

Niosomes from Chain-Branched Glycolipids for Drug Delivery

7466 Руб.

In order to reduce side effects of medical drugs, carrier systems have been proposed to limit their action to the intended site. Liposomes, made of natural phospholipids or fatty acids are most commonly applied for drug delivery purposes. However, the chemical sensitivity of ester bonds one the one hand, and pH-sensitivity of ionic surfactant assemblies on the other, disfavour these materials. Glycoside-based glycolipids, as natural product analogues, offer an alternative, as they are chemically stable, non-ionic and considered biocompatible. This book describes the preparation of niosomes, non-ionic liposomes, from synthetic glycolipids as well as physical-chemical studies of the self-assembly behaviour of these bio-surfactants. The reader is given an inside into the design of material for drug delivery purposes and related investigation techniques. These involve optical polarising microscopy, deuterium NMR spectroscopy, systematic surface tension studies and dynamic light scattering. The book is targeting both scientists looking for an introduction to drug delivery related research and professionals looking for new material for their research.

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